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welke poolse stad heette tot 1945 danzig The siege of Danzig was launched by the Red Army against Nazi Germany in March 1945.On 14 January, the 2nd Belorussian Front started an attack against the 2nd Army from their garrison in Pułtusk, and in the next ten days, they would advance quickly up the Vistula river. Danzig would eventually be reached in early March, and as it was an important strategic location and the last German stronghold in the region, the Soviets started coordinating attacks.[1]

Acknowledging the risk of Soviet arrival in the city, general Karl-Wilhelm Specht organised the defences. He was replaced by Dietrich von Saucken due to not agreeing to Hitler's policies on the defense of the city.[2] The Soviets began massive bombardments of Danzig on 15 March. A paratrooper unit was deployed in the Oliwa Forests (Lasy Oliwskie) on the 18th, which provoked the Soviets to enter it and start bloody fighting in the forest. The fight continued until 25 March and resulted in a Soviet victory. It is regarded as the most intense and bloody battle of the siege.

On the 21st, the way to Nenkau was opened. On 22 March, they entered the city from the north (through Zoppot). On the 24th, Praust was taken by the Soviets, though it wasn't an important strategic move, as the areas nearby were flooded and the main offensives were in the north and west. After the takeover of Glettkau on the 25th, Soviet tanks continued their advance towards Brösen, though it was stopped by the 62 Grenadier Regiment, which recently entrenched in the region. Intense fights would break out in the downtown in the next few days, though the fights within the city were more limited.welke poolse stad heette tot 1945 danzig

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welke poolse stad heette tot 1945 danzig
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