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welke band scoorde hits met into temptation This question in Dutch, "welke band scoorde hits met Into Temptation?" refers to a famous song called "Into Temptation" and asks which band was responsible for its success. The song was written by Neil Finn, the lead singer of the New Zealand band Crowded House, and was released in 1988 as a part of their third album "Temple of Low Men.".welke band scoorde hits met into temptation

"Into Temptation" is a beautiful ballad with a catchy melody and haunting lyrics that describe the perils of temptation and the struggle to resist it. The song's popularity grew quickly, and it became one of Crowded House's most beloved hits.

The success of "Into Temptation" was due in no small part to the exceptional musicianship of the band. Neil Finn's heartfelt vocals and evocative lyrics, combined with the superb guitar work of his brother, Tim Finn, and the tight rhythm section of Nick Seymour on bass and Paul Hester on drums, made for a powerful and memorable musical experience.

But the song's success was also due to its universal themes and relatable message. Everyone can identify with the struggle to resist temptation, whether it be a small indulgence or a life-altering decision. "Into Temptation" speaks to this struggle in a way that is both poignant and uplifting, reminding us that we are not alone in our struggles and that there is always hope for redemption.

In addition to its popularity with fans, "Into Temptation" has also received critical acclaim over the years. It has been covered by several artists, including The Wallflowers and The Bangles, and has been featured in several movies and television shows, including "Singles," "Vanilla Sky," and "Californication."

welke band scoorde hits met into temptation

welke band scoorde hits met into temptation, In conclusion, the question "which band scored hits with Into Temptation?" refers to the New Zealand band Crowded House, who wrote and performed this iconic song. The band's exceptional musicianship, combined with the song's universal themes and relatable message, have made "Into Temptation" a beloved classic that continues to resonate with audiences around the world. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to the band's music, "Into Temptation" is a must-listen song that will touch your heart and soul.

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welke band scoorde hits met into temptation

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